Research and development

Noxor executes analysis and measures of materials and substances for the issuing of analysis certificates of products that certify compliance with the required specifications and also environmental analysis of wastewater. These tests are realized to facilitate technical solutions for optimal project development production cycles.

Analysis of resistance to corrosion, ageing, adhesion of paints, thermogravimetric analysis and SEM.

Application testing and development of new paint stripping systems with low environmental impact products.

Noxor optimizes the most of their know-how and long experience of its technicians to present technologically innovative,reliable, secure and fast solutions.

Testing and development of new paint stripping systems with products with low environmental impact are further Noxor skills.

Green products

The Noxogreen products have been formulated with the aim of reducing the environmental impact and harmfulness of traditional products used in washing cycles.
The degreasing products in the Noxogreen line enable a new management of industrial washing, with obvious and immediate results in improving the

  • quality of work;
  • safety for operators;
  • reduction of environmental impact;
  • reduction in plant operating and maintenance costs.

The products in the Noxogreen line are based on polysaccharide blends derived from natural and renewable sources that are non-harmful, non-corrosive, non-flammable, fully biodegradable, and do not require health hazard labeling for operators.


  • No risk in storage, handling, manipulation.
  • No impact on health and the environment.
  • No release of harmful volatile emissions into the environment.
  • Improved plant conditions in washing plants.
  • Decrease in disposal effluent.
  • Significant decrease in pollutant load of effluent to treatment.

Main aspects involved

  • Reduction in utilisation rates.
  • Reduction in operating temperatures.
  • Significant extension of solution life.
  • Reduction in plant cleaning and maintenance.
  • Reduction in the amount of effluent to be disposed of.
  • Reduction in pollutant load of wastewater upon treatment.
  • Significant reduction and/or elimination of risks to operators and the environment.

Testing and development of new paint stripping systems with environmentally friendly products.