Quality management system

The first certification was achieved in 1998.
The correct maintenance of the Quality Management System requires the adoption of activities and procedures that comply with ISO (International Standards Organizations) regulations. The control and planning of the applied company activities ensure the quality of the service and the complete suitability of the processes, not only for the supply of the products and for the provision of our services, but for the whole company system in accordance with the following international regulations:

Quality Management System

UNI EN ISO 14001
Environmental Management System

UNI EN ISO 45001
Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Continuous observation of the principles of:

  • business organization focused on customer satisfaction
  • leadership
  • staff involvement
  • process approach (understood as the totality of company activities)
  • management approach focused on efficiency
  • continuous performance improvement
  • mutual cooperation with suppliers

has allowed to consolidate the company and the comparison with national and international Certification Bodies in support of business activities.


Product certifications

The added value of a certified product is based on an independent Certification Body that, after a specific series of chemical analyses, physical and mechanical tests on materials and components, declares its conformity to the required specifications.
Tests are conducted in compliance with national (UNI, DIN, BS, NF, ASTM, ANSI), European (EN) and international (ISO) standards, and also according to specific customer specifications. In this way, each material and product meets the requirements of the technical standards of the sector.
Application adhesion, ageing, shear and tensile strength tests are carried out on every type of support in order to recommend technical solutions that can also allow the industrialization phase of production cycles.
We optimize the best of our Know How and the long experience of our qualified technicians to offer certain, safe, fast and technologically innovative solutions. To achieve compliance with the required standards, we collaborate with the main Certification Bodies.